FF Farmer’s Cheese (LACTO)
 1/2 gallon (8 cups) skim milk
 1 c dried skim milk powder (Carnation instant)
 1/4 c lemon juice or white vinegar (I used the latter)
 optional seasonings to taste
 Heat up skim milk, and mix in the skim milk powder.  As mixture
 begins to simmer or boil, begin to add a little of the vinegar
 or lemon juice.  Stir.  Keep the flame on, and keep adding and
 stirring until the milk solids *completely* separate from the
 whey (yellow watery part).  The amount of heat and acidity have
 to be in balance for this to work.  Drain in cheesecloth.  Use
 as you would cooked burger meat -- for instance, flavor it and
 stuff green peppers with it.  Oh, you might want to flavor it
 while still in the milk state -- with salt, pepper and herbs.