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  Categories: Vegetarian
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 c  Edensoy (Original)
   2 2/3 c  Oil
       2 tb Cider Vinegar
       1 tb Maple Syrup (or sugar)
       1 ts Salt
 --------------------------------NOW TRY THIS--------------------------------
   Directions: Place soy milk in food processor (or blender).  Put on lowest
   setting.  Drizzle oil into soy milk.  Add other ingredients. I add about
   the same amount of lemon juice in addition to the vinegar. Someatimes I add
   one tablespoon of dry mustard.  You've got to try adding basil and/or sage
   and/or oregeno.
   I've also never had a problem adding all the vinegar, syrup, salt, etc. to
   the soy milk first and then adding the oil.
   You cannot fail.  Try it.
   I got the basic recipe from Shirley Wilkes-Johnson.  She is a gourmet cook
   and inventor.
   JORGE [Jorge]                at 21:02 EDT