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       Title: Champagne Thanksgiving
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       Yield: 8 servings
       2    Loaves White Bread
       2 cn Oriental Broth
       1    Bag Vegetable Cole Slaw
       2 lg Onions -- sliced
     1/2 ts Seasonings -- sage, garlic
      10 oz Bag Frozen Spinach-chopped
      10 oz Bag Frozen Chopped Broccoli
     2/3 c  Nonfat Blu Cheese Dressing
       1 oz Nonfat Cream Cheese
      12 lg Mushroom Caps
   Make a basic bread dressing using 2-3 loaves of light
   bread, 2-3 cans of fat free Oriental Broth, sage,
   garlic, curry powder, cayenne, lots of onions, a bag
   of coleslaw vegetable mix, and 10 oz. package of
   chopped frozen spinach. Add hot water as needed and
   any other seasonings you would like. Pu t it in
   roasting pan.
   Mix 10 o ounce package of thawed (frozen) chopped
   broccoli with 2/3 cup fat free blue cheese or
   roquefort salad dressing, into which one ounce of
   nonfat creamed cheese has been blended. Remove the
   stems from large button mushrooms (add to the
   stuffing), turn the mushrooms bottom-up, and fill each
   mushroom with the broccoli mix.
   Bake the mushrooms on top of the turkeyless dressing,
   about one hour at 375 degrees.  Serve it with a big
   tossed salad, peas with baby potatoes, and all the
   Champagne you can drink
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