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       Title: Vegetable Stew With Dolma
  Categories: Stews
       Yield: 1 servings
         1    carrot  -- cut half, then
   :          lengt
   :          several white radishes  --
   :          quartered
   :       sm zucchini  -- cut into 2 inch
   :          slic
         1 lb tomatoes  -- peeled and
   :          diced
   :          celery  -- cut like carrots
   :          or
         1 lg onion  -- diced
         1 TB paprika
         1 TB cumin
         1 ts turmeric
         4    cloves garlic  -- diced
         3 TB olive oil
     1 1/2    litres water- or fish stock
       1/2 bn fresh cilantro
   :          DOLMA-----
         2 c  firm white fish  -- ground
   :          or finely min
       1/4 c  white rice  -- raw short
   :          grain
         1    egg white
       1/2 ts pepper
   :          salt to taste
     1 1/2 ts cumin
       1/4 ts turmeric  -- optional
         2    cloves garlic  -- finely
   :          minced
   Saute onions in oil until soft. Add all the vegetables
   and spices, except cilantro and zucchini, and stock.
   Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer.
   Make the balls ( recipe follows ) while it’s
   simmering. When vegetables are half cooked add the
   dolma balls gently, one at a time, on a spoon. Make
   sure they are well covered with liquid as they will
   double in size. Add a little water or stock if needed
   to cover. Let simmer for 10 minutes then add zucchini
   and cilantro and simmer until balls are firm and rice
   in middle is soft.  Check while cooking and add more
   liquid if needed. Dolma: ------ Put all ingredients
   into a bowl and mix thoroughly the roll into
   walnut-sized balls and set aside.
   Recipe By     : johnnie@mtcons.almanac.bc.ca (John