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       Title: ROJO LOBO CHILI
  Categories: Chili, Tex-mex, Meat, Main dish
       Yield: 3 gal.
       5 lb Lean Beef briskit
       3 lb Lean Pork Shoulder
            - boneless
       2 tb Bacon grease
       5 ea Garlic cloves minced
       2 tb Ground white pepper
       3 tb Soy sauce
       6 ea Jalapeno peppers
            - whole
       1 c  Bell peppers chopped
       2 c  Onion chopped
      12 oz Beer <not Lite>
       2 oz Tequila
       2 tb Capers
       3 c  Tomato sauce
       4 c  Stewed tomatos chopped
       1 c  Tomato paste
       5 tb Cumin ground fresh
            Salt to taste
       1 tb Honey
       3 tb Masa Harina
       1 tb All Spice
   Have meat rough ground or hand chop to a small cube
   size. Cook the meat in large cast iron pot in the baco
   grease with the onions, Bell peppers, garlic, capers,
   and 1 T of cumin. Add the beer, tequila, 3 T of cumin,
   the other spices, and tomatos. Cook on low heat for 30
   minutes. Add the remianing ingredients except the last
   t of cumin. Raise heat and bring to a boil. Lower heat
   and simmer for 3 hours, stirring frequently. Just
   prior to serving, approx. 5 minutes, add the remianing
   cumin and stir well. ORIGIN: Don’s Chili Pot, circa
   Jan. 1995 From: Pat Brownlee Date: 01-16-95