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       Title: Navajo Green Chile
  Categories: Meat, Mc
       Yield: 6 servings
        20    Anaheim or Cubanelle chiles
   :          or so (can substitute 48
   :          ozs
   :          or so of canned green
   :          chiles)
         3 lb pork (shoulder works)
         1 lg onion
         2    green or red peppers
         1 cn tomatoes
         4    to
         5    dried very hot chiles
         2    to
         3    pickled Habenaro’s (use 1/2
   :          hab if you're a newbie
   :          chile-head)
         1 TB Cayenne pepper
   :          salt and pepper to taste
   :          lemon juice to taste (about
   :          tablespoon)
         3    to
         4    cloves garlic
       1/2 cn good beer
   Based on a recipe from some chile cookbook), makes 6-8
   servings? Broil (blacken) the green chiles until the
   skin is blistered and loose - remove skin while warm
   and discard seeds and stem.  Chop in 1 square pieces
   and put in large chile pot or crock pot. Cut off fat
   from pork and save. Cut pork into 1/2 squares and set
   aside. Melt pork fat in frying pan and saute onions
   and garlic - add to pot. Substitute veg. oil or skip
   the sauteing to minimize fat (and taste). Brown pork
   in same pan - add vegetable oil if needed - add to
   pot.  Cut tomatoes and green peppers into large pieces
   and add to pot.  Take out you contacts now if you wear
   em. Finely chop habenaros and add the rest of the
   ingredients. Bring to a boil and then simmer
   (uncovered!) as long as you can stand it (adding water
   or beer as necessary).  Simmer for 2 hours minimum to
   even out the heat. Serve with plenty of warm flour
   tortillas. Notes: 1. Thought I'd submit my favorite
   green chile recipe.  Two caveats:  it takes a while to
   make but its worth it, and this recipe has been
   thoroughly modified from the original so feel free to
   experiment yourself. 2. Beware, this “chile” kicks
   butt and gets hotter after freezing.  This also makes
   a great chile-egg burrito the next morning. “Durnell,
   David V.” <DurneDV1@central.ssd.jhuapl.edu> >From Glen
   Hosey’s Recipe Collection Program, hosey@erols.com
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