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       Title: Cajun Spice 2
  Categories: Spices
       Yield: 2 Cup
       9 ts Pepper, cayenne
   4 1/2 ts Pepper, black
   4 1/2 ts Salt, sea
       6 ts Oregano, dried, ground
       6 ts Thyme, dried
       6 ts Fennel, dried
       6 ts Cumin, ground
       6 ts Cardamon, ground
       6 ts Garlic powder
       6 ts Chile powder
       6 ts Coriander, dried
     Whirl in blender or mix all together by hand and fill up jar to
     Source: A Vegetarians Ecstasy, by Natalie Cederquist and James
   Levin, M.D./MM by DEEANNE, reposted by MMM