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                           Dukka (Mid East Spice)
 Recipe By     : Jill Norman * Web File 4/97
 Serving Size  : 0    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Mixes and Spices                 Mid-East
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
  125      g             (4 oz) sesame seeds
   75      g             (3 oz) hazelnuts or roasted chick peas
   50      g             (2 oz) coriander seeds
   25      g             (1 oz) cumin seeds
    1      tsp           salt
      1/2  tsp           black peppercorns
    1      tsp           dried wild thyme or mint
 This blend of spices with ground hazelnuts or roasted chick peas  (available 
 from Middle Eastern shops) comes from Egypt. Serve with  bread: dip this in 
 olive oil and then into the dukka.
 Dry roast the sesame seeds until lightly browned. Remove from the  pan. Roast 
 the hazelnuts for about 5 minutes and remove their skins  (chick peas do not 
 need roasting further), then roast the coriander  and cumin seeds until they 
 darken. When everything has cooled,  combine all the ingredients and pound or 
 process to a coarse  powder. The mixture will keep for 3 months stored in an 
 airtight  jar in a cool place.
 Source: Jill Norman “The Complete Book of Spices”   Viking Studio Books, 1991  
    ISBN 0-670-83437-8
 The book is lavishly illustrated with full color photographs of the herbs and 
 spices- whole, mixed, ground.
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