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       Title: Jim’s Cajun Spice Mix
  Categories: Mixes, Jim, Bbq, Cajun
       Yield: 1 Bunch
    1.00 T  New Mexico Chile Powder
    1.00 T  Paprika
    1.00 T  Cumin
    2.00 t  Garlic powder
    2.00 t  White pepper
    2.00 t  Cayenne pepper
    2.00 t  Black pepper
    2.00 t  Thyme
    2.00 t  Carroway seed
   Measure and mix all spices. Add to coffee grinder. Grind till fine.
   Store in air tight jar.
   For a spicier taste, add extra white and cayenne pepper.
   Source: BBQ Bob Matson, Omalia Cooking school.
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