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 paprika [pa-PREE-kuh; PAP-ree-kuh] Used as a seasoning and garnish for a pletho
 ra of savory dishes, paprika is a powder made by grinding aromatic sweet red pe
 pper pods. The pods are quite tough, so several grindings are necessary to prod
 uce the proper texture. The flavor of paprika can range from mild to pungent an
 d hot, the color from bright orange-red to deep blood-red. Most commercial papr
 ika comes from Spain, South America, California and Hungary, with the Hungarian
  variety considered by many to be superior. Indeed, Hungarian cuisine has long 
 used paprika as a mainstay flavoring rather than simply as a garnish. All super
 markets carry mild paprikas, while ethnic markets must be searched out for the 
 more pungent varieties. As with all herbs and spices, paprika should be stored 
 in a cool, dark place for no more than 6 months.
 from THE FOOD LOVER'S COMPANION, 2nd edition, by Sharon Tyler Herbst, Barron’s 
 Educational Services, Inc.
 Hungarians use an amazing amount of Paprika. If you are going to make Hungarian
  dishes you must buy imported Paprika. Do not use the paprika in the little jar
 s in the supermarket. It is not the same quality as imported. Paprika comes in 
 six categories: exquisite delicate, delicate, noble sweet, semi-sweet, rose, an
 d hot. I usually buy Szeged brand Paprika “Sweet Delicacy”. It is not spicy but
  has excellent flavor. If you want fiery hot, then look for paprika labeled “Er
 os” which means hot. Any Paprika labeled “Sweet” or “Edesmes” has a lack of spi
 Pimiento grow on low spreading plants, and are similar to bell peppers. Pods ar
 e dark green, and ripen to bright red. I bought these from a local grower at th
 e farmer’s market. Thick, semi-tapering pods. Typical uses: Canned and used to 
 stuff olives. Used fresh like bell peppers. Can be pickled or dried and used fo
 r paprika.
 busted by Judy R. 
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