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       Title: Sen. Ellender’s Basic Sauce
  Categories: Wildgame, Sauces
       Yield: 1 servings
       5 T  Fat (veg/smoked bacon)
       1 T  Flour, rounded
       2 lb Onions, finely chopped
       3 ea Celery stalk, chop fine
       1 ea Bell pepper, med, chop fine
       1 ea Lemon, grated rind and pulp
       3 ea Garlic cloves, minced
       2 ea Bay leaves
       1 x  Salt to taste
       1 x  Thyme, dash
       1 x  Tabasco, dash
       1 x  Worcestershire, few dashes
       1 x  Season-All, few dashes
   To the hot fat add flour, stirring constantly, to make a
   scorchy-tasting roux. Add onions; fry slowly until thoroughly browned
   and reduced to pulp. Add rest of ingredients at one time and continue
   to cook slowly for at least 30-45 min. This recipe constitutes the
   Basic Sauce for gumbos, stews, jambalayas and sauce picuante. If
   thicker sauce is desired, make the roux with 2 to 4 Tbsp flour
   instead of one. THIS SAUCE will be used in Sen. Ellender’s shrimp
   creole, jambalaya, chicken sauce picuante, courtbouillon and gumbo.
   Suggestions: Make lots of sauce and freeze individual use portions.
   Source: DIXIE magazine, New Orleans LA Oct 3 1971 Recipe date: