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       Title: ROY'S SALSA
  Categories: Tex-mex
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 tb Oil
     1/4 c  Onion, minced
       1 tb Garlic, chopped
       3    Chiles, serranos, minced
      28 oz Tomatoes, canned
       2    Bay leaf, dried
     1/8 ts Thyme
     1/2 ts Chile, ground, red, new mexi
       1 tb Vinegar
       1 ts Pepper, black, freshly groun
   1) Heat oil in a skillet and saute onions and garlic
   until soft but not brown. Add minced chiles and saute
   another couple of minutes. 2) Add tomatoes, bay
   leaves, thyme and chile and simmer, covered, for 30
   minutes, stirring occasionally. 3) Pass half to two
   thirds of the mixture through a food mill back into
   the same skillet. Discard solids. Increase heat and
   reduce to desired consistency. Add vinegar and black
   pepper. Taste for salt and adjust seasonings.
   Refrigerate until used. Source: Overton Anderson