Title: PICO DE GALLO . Allan.s Mexican Salsa
  Categories: Sauces, Mexican, Condiments
       Yield: 1 servings
       2 lb ripe tomatoes
       ½ cup chopped onion
        4 cloves fresh pressed garlic
       ½ cup finely chopped cilantro leaves
       4 large fresh serrano or jalapenos peppers
       1 tbl salt (or to taste)
       2 - 4 oz cans diced Fire Roasted Jalapenos
        Juice from 1 med lime
 Coarsely chop tomatoes in a blender and place all but ½ cup in a large bowl.
 In the blender with the ½ cup tomatoes, add the fresh peppers and blend into
 a liquid.  DO NOT add to bowl of tomatoes!
 Mix in the onions, pressed garlic, cilantro, canned jalapenos, salt and lime
 juice into the bowl of tomatoes.
 Slowly add the peppers from the blender until it is hot to your taste. (Can
 get a little hotter after a couple hours.)
 Add additional salt to taste.