1 1/2 cups no salt tomato or V-8 juice
 1 tspn cumin
 1 tspn oregano (dried, hand crumbled)
 1 tspn garlic powder (NOT garlic salt) or fresh/bottled garlic
 1 tspn finely chopped cilantro (in Hawaii=Chinese parley)*
 Pepper sauce to taste (try 10 drops first)
 In a 12 oz. jar put onions, then all other dried, fresh or 
 frozen ingredients, add juice and hot sauce/pepper, shake and
 let sit overnight in the refrigerator.  Open, add more juice 
 to top, shake very well, serve.                          
 *Hint: You can buy fresh green onion and cilantro, chop it, 
 then freeze it in a zip-lock baggie for future use.