1 canteloupe
 1 yellow bell pepper
 juice from 1 lime
 1 t rice vinegar
 6 dried tepin chiles
 salt and fresh ground pepper to taste
 Dice canteloupe flesh (discarding rind and seeds).  Dice the bell
 pepper.  Mix.  (Could be processed in food processor if you are
 careful not to overdo it).
 (Scrub lime clean, remove zest, put in baggie in freezer for future
 Add the juice of one lime to melon mixture (I find that the
 simple wooden lemon reamers work best for juicing -- Simple, easy to
 clean, remove more of the juice than any other method I've tried).
 Add rice vinegar.
 Crush tepin chiles (I spin them in my coffee grinder, which is
 reserved for spices).  Add to salsa.  If you can't find tepin chiles,
 you could use one hot thai chile or even a fresh jalepeno.  The
 jalepeno will add some nice green to the yellow-orange salsa.
 Salt and pepper to taste.  Best if allowed to sit in refrigerator for
 several hours for flavors to blend.
 Add chopped cilantro or mint.