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       Title: Killer Salza (Hot,hot,hot)
  Categories: Sauces, Mexican
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 pk Dried Chile Pequins *               2 ea Cloves Garlic (3 If Wanted)
       1 ts Cumin (Crushed)                     1 ts Oregano
 	1/2 ts Salt (Optional)			   1 c	Tomato Juice (Can Use Upto
   *  Or other hot peppers.
   NOTE:  Add juice of one lemon if you are canning.
   Soak The chile pequins 3 to 4 hours in vinegar to cover; drain.  Throw into
   the blender with all other ingredients and blend well.  Let set in the
   refrigerator to cool off.
   Peppers, so watch out.