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  Categories: Sauces
       Yield: 4 servings
       2 pk Dried Chile Pequins *
       1 ts Cumin (Crushed)
     1/2 ts Salt (Optional)
       2 ea Cloves Garlic (3 If Wanted)
       1 ts Oregano
       1 c  Tomato Juice (Can Use Upto 2)
   *  Or other hot peppers.
   NOTE:  Add juice of one lemon if you are canning.
   ~------------------ Soak The chile pequins 3 to 4
   hours in vinegar to cover; drain.  Throw into the
   blender with all other ingredients and blend well.
   Let set in the refrigerator to cool off.
          This sauce is very hot.  Chile Pequins are the
   hottest of the Chile Peppers, so watch out.