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       Title: “Basic Salsa with Any Kind of Dry Chiles”
  Categories: Mexican, Sauces,
       Yield: 4 servings
       6 lg Chiles dry (morita or mulato
            Or guajillo or any kind) if
            The chiles are littles like
            Jalapeños or serranos, use
            15 chiles.
     1/2 md Onion
     1/4 c  Vinegar
       1 sm Clove of garlic
            Vegetable oil
   The kind of chiles that you use determine the final flavor, you can
   experiment with different kinds or mixing the different kinds of
   chiles. But this is the basic recipe for prepare salsas with dry
   Wash the chiles in water and discard the seeds and threads of chiles.
   Let stand in water at least 2 or 3 hours or all the night, if you do
   not have time let the chiles in warm water at least 30 min.  Then
   ground with the other ingredients and in a sauce pan put a little
   amount of vegetable oil when it will be warm add the salsa and cook
   30 min or more, the flavor of vineagar have to disapear, add water if
   need. When it is cook you can use for “Chilaquiles”, “Enchiladas”,
   and eggs. Patricia Wriedt