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       Title: Basic Green “Mexican Salsa”
  Categories: Mexican, Sauces,
       Yield: 4 servings
       8    Green Tomatillos
     1/2 lg Onion
            Fresh Green chiles serranos
            The quantity as you want
       1 sm Clove of garlic
            Salt and pepper
      10    Leaves of Cilantro (optional
   Peel the green tomatillos if they still have the dry skin. In a
   boiling water cook the tomatillos and chiles serranos for 1 or 2 min.
   Ground all the ingredients. You can use this fresh salsa for tacos or
   quesadillas or if you want you can cook it: In a sauce pan add a
   little amount of vegetable oil and when it will be warm add the
   “salsa”, cook 20 min or more.  Now you can prepare “chilaquiles” or
   eggs. Patricia Wriedt.