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  Categories: Beef, Marinades
       Yield: 2 servings
            Pineapple juice, 6 ounce can
       2 tb Dark brown sugar
       3 x  Garlic cloves, run through g
     1/4 ts Ginger, ground
     1/2 ts Garlic powder
     1/2 ts Onion powder
       1 tb Peanut oil
     1/4 ts White pepper, ground
     1/8 ts Cayenne pepper (or less, to
       3 ts Soy sauce
   Add all the ingredients, stiring with wish making sure
   the sugar dissolves. Allow to sit for an hour so the
   flavors blend. Place meat in a freezer bag large
   enough for all the meat to lay flat on one side of the
   bag. Stir marinade one more time making certain sugar
   is dissolved and pour mixture in bag.  Exhaust extra
   air out of bag. Allow to marinade overnight, turning
   bag over several times. This is expecially good for
   grilled steaks! From the collection of Chuck Rippel
   Source: The Collection of Chuck Ripple