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  Categories: Oriental, Sauces and , Ceideburg 2
       Yield: 1 servings
       1 c  Brown Sugar
       1 c  Soy Sauce
       1 c  Sake -- * see note
            Fresh Ginger Root -- grated
            Garlic Cloves --
   * or dry white wine or vodka.
   put thin cut strip steak or chicken parts (especially
   huge quantities of wings) in marinade and soak
   overnight.  Best if grilled on the BBQ, but can be
   baked (usual meat 350 F for an hour a lb.) For the
   truly lazy (we prefer to think of ourselves as the
   “time-challenged”, Italian dressing on a (cheap) steak
   adds more variety to the flavor.  I can't verify any
   tenderizing qualities, though.
   The only marinade I've seen that tenderizes the meat
   is a homemade Teriyaki recipe a college roommate from
   Hawaii used. I think it was the high alcohol content.
   Recipe By     : “Chris Gunning