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       Title: FAJITA MARINADE *** (PKGK86B)
  Categories: Marinades, Tex-mex, Mixes
       Yield: 1 servings
 --------------------LIQUID INGREDIENTS--------------------
       1 c  Fresh orange juice
     1/2 c  Vegetable oil
     1/4 c  Red wine-vinegar
     1/4 c  Fresh lime juice
       1 t  Seasoning mix (recipe to fol
       1    Minced garlic clove
       6 T  Salt
   1 1/2 t  Ground pepper
   1 1/3 t  Chili powder
     3/4 t  Garlic powder
     3/4 t  Cumin
   Mix and store in jar. Use as needed. This was in Bon
   Appetit magazine March; 1986: Marinade 2 lb. skirt
   steak in refrigerator over night. Probably other beef
   cut can also be used. The marinade is very good. FROM: