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  Categories: Condiments, Jams
       Yield: 6 servings
       5 lb Diced rhubarb
       5 lb Sugar
       3 lg Pineapples
       2    Lemons
       2 c  Chopped figs
       4 c  Water
   Sprinkle sugar over rhubarb.  Pare and dice pineapple.  Combine pineapple
   parings and water.  Boil until liquid is reduced to 2 cups. Strain. Add
   grated rind and juice of lemons, and pineapples. Cook rhubarb and sugar
   until clear.  Combine the two mixtures. Add figs. Simmer slowly, stirring
   constantly, until thick. Mrs. F.J. Lane, Boyne City, MI.