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       Title: Red Gooseberry and Orange Jam
  Categories: canning, jams/jellys
       Yield: 1 batch
       2 lb ripe red gooseberries
       1 lg orange
       6 oz raisins
       1 lb sugar
   Top and tail the gooseberries.  Put them in a pot with the thinly pared and
    finely shredded orange peel and the chopped pulp.  Cook the fruit until   
   nearly tender; add the raisins and the sugar, and boil - not too fast - for
    15 minutes or longer (or until the setting point is reached.)  Pot and    
   seal while still hot.                                                      
   This jam is nicest made with ripe red gooseberries, but yellow ones can be 
   used if they are not too ripe.                                             
   Contributor:  Louise Sylvester; typed by Dave Sacerdote