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       Title: Basic Salad Dressing Ii
  Categories: Diabetic, Dressings, Low-fat/cal
       Yield: 8 servings
       2 tb Red wine vinegar;                 1/8 ts Garlic powder;
       2 tb Acceptable vegetable oil;         1/8 ts Sugar;
       4 tb Water;                            1/2 ts Fresh lemon juice;
     1/8 ts Freshly ground black pepper;   
   In  jar with a tight-fitting lid, combine all ingredients.  Shake
   well and refrigerate.  Makes 1/2 cup.  (Half of published recipe.) My
   note: I frequently use bottled lemon juice which has sodium listed,
   but there can't be much sodium in 1/2 tsp. divided among 8 servings.
   If you use fresh lemon juice, extra can be frozen in an ice cube tray
   or small container.
   1 tbsp - 31 cal 3 grams total fat, 5 mg potassium
   Source:  Am. Heart Assoc. Low-Salt Cookbook 1990 Shared but not
   tested by Elizabeth Rodier Dec 93