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       Title: TOMATO KETCHUP
  Categories: Sauces
       Yield: 4 servings
      10 lb Tomato; totally ripe
       1    Bell pepper, red; seeded
            -& chopped
       4 lg Onion; chopped
   1 1/2 c  Vinegar, cider
       2    Garlic clove; crushed
       1 ts Peppercorns
       1 ts Allspice, whole
       1 ts Cloves, whole
       5    Cinnamon stick
       1 ts Celery seed
     1/2 t  Mustard, dry
     1/4 ts Cayenne
       4 T  Sugar, brown
       3 T  Sugar, white
       1 ts Salt
   Cut tomatoes in quarters and puree them in food processor along with
   bell pepper. Strain puree through a coarse sieve to remove skins and
   seeds. (You can dump the puree into a colander and work it through
   with your hands until there is nothing left in the colander but a
   dryish pulp of skins and seeds.)  Now puree onions, combine with
   tomato and pepper puree, and pour into a large stainless steel or
   enameled kettle.  Cook and stir occasionally over low heat until it is
   reduced by about a third and is considerably thicker. Meanwhile put
   garlic, peppercorns, allspice, cloves, cinnamon, and celery seed into
   the vinegar in a small pot and simmer covered for 1/2 hour to steep
   spices in the vinegar. Pour about half the spiced vinegar through a
   tea strainer into the thickened tomato mixture.  Stir. Also add sugar,
   mustard, cayenne, and salt at this point.  Here is where the tasting
   comes in.  You can adjust any of these ingredients to suit you.  You
   can add more spiced vinegar.  Or a little plain vinegar.  More or less
   sugar, mustard, cayenne.  Just sort of tinker with it.  Cook it some
   more, stirring often, until it looks like catsup should look. Taste
   and adjust again.  You may notice that it looks slightly curdled.  Not
   to worry.  Hit it a lick in the food processor.  Smooths right out.
   Pour into sterile jars leaving 1/8 of head space.  Process in a
   boiling water bath 15 minutes.
                            -- The Only Texas Cookbook
                               Linda West Eckhardt
                               per Sam Waring