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  Categories: Dairy
       Yield: 20 servings
            -Karen Visocky DDVD62B.
       4 ga Whole milk
   5 1/2 ts Citric acid
       1 c  Cool water
       1 ts Liquid rennet
     1/4 c  -Cool water
   MOZZARELLA CHEESE:  This recipe is for a no
   incubating, nopressing, and no curing Quick Mozzarella
   that freezes well,melts with the appropriate stringy,
   chewey texture and is good used just for slicing and
   eating, too.
    1. Heat 4 gallons of milk to 88 degrees F. (use a
   large stainless or enameled kettle)
    2. Add 5 1/2 tea. citric acid dissolved in 1 c. cool
   water. (Citric acid can be found in the 'canning
   supply'section of the grocery; it is used to increase
   acidity in tomatoes)
    3. Stir for 3 mins.
    4. Add 1 tea. liquid rennet diluted in 1/4 c. cool
   water. (Rennet is available in specialty shops and
   where wine making supplies are sold.) Stir in quickly
   as it sets in only 15 seconds.
    5. Let set 10 mins., then cut curd into 1/2 cubes.
   (Cut from top of pan and then at an angle from 2 or 3
   sides of the pan)
    6. Let set for 10 mins.
    7. Heat slowly to 105 degrees, stirring, then turn
   off the heat and stir slowly, for 10 more mins.
   (Heating to 105 deg. will take about 15 mins.)
    8. Pour into a colander (can be lined with a layer of
   cheese cloth) and let drain for 5 mins.
    9. Remove to counter top and cut into 1 strips
    10. Drop into one gallon of 170 degree water.
    11. Stir, stretch, beat and pummel for 10 mins.
   Cheese will become smooth and silky.
    12. Remove from water and knead as bread dough to
   remove any excess water and whey. Shape into a loaf.
    13. Cover with very cold water until firm.
    14. Soak in brine for 2 days. Make brine by
   dissolving 1/4 C salt in 2 C water. Make additional
   brine as needed to just cover cheese in a covered
   container and put into refrigerator.
    15. After cheese has set in brine for 2 days, drain
   off the brine, dry and wrap for storage in the
    16. EAT! If you wish to make String Cheese of this
   'R', when you get to step 12, after kneading, do not
   shape into loaf, but put the cheese into another
   gallon of 170 deg. water and stretch and fold the
   cheese. After folding and stretching several times,
   stretch the cheese out to about 3' in length and fold
   together once. Twist together tightly, fold and twist
   again,then fold and twist once more until you cannot
   twist it tighter. (Cont.) This is the “braiding” that
   forms the strings. Soak in the brine for 2 - 3 days,
   then remove from brine, dry and pull apart into large
   strings to serve or wrap tightly to store. A dairy
   thermometer is the most accurate for cheesemaking and
   floats to keep a constant check on the temp. From
   Karen Visocky DDVD62B.