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       Yield: 2 cups
            -BARI HILL
            Posted by MILLIE OTHMAN
       2 qt Whole milk
   1 1/2 c  Whipping cream; and
     1/4 c  Buttermilk (for whole milk
       2 tb Buttermilk; for cream cheese
       2 qt Whole milk; or
   1 1/2 c  Whipping cream
     1/4 c  Buttermilk; (for whole milk
            -cheese) or
       2 tb Buttermilk (for cream
   Whole milk produces a luscious light cheese. The tangy
   flavor is ideal with a sprinkling of chopped chives or
   seasoned pepper on appetizer crackers, or with toast
   and berry jam for breakfast. Whipping cream makes a
   velvety, cool tasting cheese comparable o the Italian
   mascarpone. Serve it as you would the whole-milk
   cheese. Both cheeses will keep in the fridge for as
   long as 5 days* In a pan over medium heat, warm milk
   or cream to lukewarm (90-100 degrees) and pour into a
   bowl. Stir in buttermilk, cover and let stand at room
   temperature for 24-48 hours until a soft curd is
   formed (mixture will look like soft yogurt).  Curd
   forms faster on hot days than cool ones.  Line a
   colander with clean muslin cloth that has been dipped
   in cold water and wrung dry; set in sink. Pour curd
   into colander and drain for about 10 minutes. Fold
   cloth over curd. Set colander on a rack in a rimmed
   pan (for the milk curd, leave at least 1 between rack
   and pan bottom to allow for drained liquid.)  Make
   whole unit airtight, covering with clear plastic film,
   and refrigerate to drain for 36-48 hours. Makes 2 cups
   with milk, 1 cup with cream. Comments: Let me add some
   close relatives to your creme fraiche -- to extend
   that misc. file. I just recently made use of the
   mascarpone recipe that has been hanging around waiting
   for ages. Dottie Cross just posted her mascarpone
   recipe to me under the EAT YOUR HEART OUT-REPORT
   subject. All in the family, so to speak.
   Here is Bari’s post:  (Bari Hill (JTJX23A) SUBJECT:
   R-MASCARPONE SUBSTIT Millie again, Did you take note
   that this mascarpone is creme fraiche well drained?  I
   appreciated this recipe when I needed mascarpone
   recently and my only souce was a special order on
   Tuesdays only at sixteen (yes, 16) dollars a pound! So
   here’s to 'miscellaneous'! mm format Norma Wrenn