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       Title: Ammonite Chowder
  Categories: cambrian, critters, extinct, seafood, weird
       Yield: 1 batch
   6 1/2 c  canned tomatoes; peeled
       3 md onions; diced
       6 ea carrots; peeled, sliced
       4 md potatoes; peeled, sliced
       3 ea jalapeno peppers; peeled, 
            -deveined, sliced
       2 tb beef bouillon
       5 lb ammonites*
       1 c  butter; melted
   3 1/4 c  canned corn
       1 ts salt; or to taste
      13 c  water
       1 ds tabasco; or to taste
   *If ammonites are unavailable or extinct in your area, squid or conch will 
   make an excellent substitute.                                              
   In a large pot, break up the tomatoes and add the onion, carrots, potatoes,
   jalapeno peppers and beef bouillon. Cook until tender.                     
   Contributor:  Roy Olsen (roy@indy.net) (htto://www.indy.net/~roy/)