The presentation is the most important part of a kitchen gift. Many of the
 responses you have been receiving have been for presents for the kitchen
 rahter than from. 
 Look for recipes that can travel and can be forgiving if they are not
 refrigerated immediately. Present them in or on containers picked up at yard
 sales or dollar stores. Wrap them in cellephane and tie with a pretty ribbon
 with a flower or an inexpensive christmas ornamenrt in the bow. Tissue
 papper is anotherflexable wrapping that you can use. In the craft stores I
 have seen great looking boxes, and paper bags that can be lined with tissue
 and used. Buy plain lunch bags and let the kids decorate them with stickers,
 rubber stamps, potato stamps, stencils, glitter, whatever. Use your
 imagination. Let them use their imagination.
 Pickles and relishes, flavored vinegars, cookies, sauces such as barbeque,
 hot sauces, mustards, ketchups, marinades, chocolate, fruit, desert, sweet
 and sour, curry, etc. do not use mayonaise or flavored oil because of
 spoilage problems and problems with botulism, herb mixes and potpourri,
 candies, (dipped chocolates are easier than they seem) , my local Price Club
 sells mini decorated cakes and cream puff for exorbitant prices. Experiment
 with various fillings and frostings. If you have a dehydrator make fruit
 leather, dried fruits or Jerkey. Have fun.
 Make a cookbook that is personalized for the individual, pasta for the pasta
 lover, cakes for the cake lover, vegetarian for the vegetarian, baby food
 ideas for the new mother, recipes for two for the young couple, make ahead
 recipes or 30 minute recipes for the working mother, family favorites, with
 stories about some time the recipe was made for the family. This is like a
 mini family history. Computers will make this easier.