1. Pack a frying pan with pancake mix, maple syrup, a spatula and a dressed up 
 potholder (embroidered with the recipient’s name or “Merry X-Mas”).
 2. A promise pack - a year’s worth of special occasion desserts - a
 friend of mine did this for me last year.  She sent me a card at the
 holidays to fill out giving her the dates for everyone’s birthday and
 our anniversary and a request for the type of cake preferred.  Sure
 enough on the specific date a cake was delivered to the house (she’s a
 fantastic baker) in just the right flavor.
 3. For non-edibles there’s always bread dough ornaments for house and
 trees and if anyone in the group has any artistic talents these can be
 quite beautiful.
 4. Flavored popcorns and snack mixes in pretty tins are always a
 favorite, especially if you put a divider in the tin and offer a
 variety of three or four different flavors such as cheddar cheese
 popcorn, nacho flavor, butter etc.  There’s never enough junk food
 snacks available at holiday time.