- Stainless steel bowl filled with everything to bake a special batch of
 cookies - include mix, rolling pin, cookie cutters, spices etc...tie up
 with tea towel and ribbon. Instead of bowl could use cookie sheet as
 - Colonder filled with pasta, sauce, fork or sieve spoon, grated cheese -
 tie up with plaid cloth and ribbon
 - Basket full of teas, herbs, coffees, mugs, spoons sugars etc.
 - Tin of homemade Christmas cookies and the recipes too!
 -  Bread board with Gingerbread recipe, mix, spices, rolling pin,
 Gingerbread man cutters etc. Tie up with cellophane and Christmas bow.
 - Square basket filled with everything to make an ethnic dish - ie. Mexican
 - taco shells, fixings, coupon for ground beef, cheeses, salsa etc.
 Use your imagination and make any combination into a great gift basket -
 but instead of a basket use a cooking utensil, bowl or pot to put the items