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                             HERBAL BATH SALTS
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                         Epsom Salts
                         Sea Salt
                         zip-type bags to mix the salts and oils in
                         Essential oil (not flavoring oils -- but “real”
                         essential oil)
                         Potpourri herbs of choice
                         Food coloring (optional)
                         Glycerin (optional)
                         Pretty bottles (optional)
    1      Rib           bon to decorate bottles (optional)
 Using approx. 2-to-1 proportions Epsom Salt and sea salt, mix in a big
 pan. This is your bath salt “base”. Measure about 1 cup of the salt
 mixture int o each zippy bag. Place about 4 drops of essential oil
 into the salt mixture in each bag. Zip the bag closed and mix the salt
 and oil.
 Tear potpourri herbs into tiny pieces and add to the bags (We used
 lemon verbena, rose petals, lavender. I don' t know why we tore them
 except that they did look nicer all mixed with the salts. And,
 obviously, we didn' t tear the lavender; because it’s already tiny! I
 suppose that larger pieces could clog up your bath drain, too.) Zip
 the bag closed and mix until you are happy with the proportions.
 Here is where I stopped adding things ... but others added a drop or
 two of glycerin to the salts to soften your skin. However, we were
 told that anyone who might be using the salts with a Jacuzzi should
 not use glycerin in the mixture because it would be bad for the
 Jacuzzi. Others added the food coloring to the salts and they turned
 out pretty, too. I didn't care for the red colored salts, personally,
 because the color didn't come out quite pink or red either. The
 glycerin and the food coloring will also give the salts a “wet look.”
 We were told to keep the salt mixture in the zippy bag and to mix it
 around once a day for 2 weeks. Then, we could pour it into the
 decorated bottles!
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