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   Package mixes in decorative containers that can be
   used to prepare or serve the item, with a pretty tag.
   MAKE-A-MEAL!  Fill a picnic basket or pretty collander
   with Spaghetti Seasoning Mix, Hot Roll Mix, Creamy
   Parmesan Dressing Mix, and Basic Cookie Mix.
   GINGERBREAD JOY - A pretty basket or mixing bowl with
   Gingerbread Mix, containers of decorations
   (yogurt-coated raisins, sugar coated candies, etc),
   and a few already-made gingerbread boys if you have
   time. Tie gingerbread boy and girl cookie cutters on
   with the bow.
   COCOA TIME - Hot Cocoa Mix in a large mug or set of
   mugs. Put the mix in a plastic bag inside the mug (s)
   and tie the bag (s) shut with pretty ribbon. One of
   these makes a nice small gift for co-workers,
   teachers, etc.
   COOKIES!!!!  Fill a cookie jar with Basic Cookie Mix
   ~- include as many recipes as you can come up with and
   some pretty cookie cutters.
   BROWNIES!  Arrange brownies on a cutting board with a
   container of brownie mix.  Cover all with plastic wrap
   and top with a big bow.
   CORNBREAD TIME:   A bag of Cornmeal Mix with a crock
   of honey butter, perhaps packaged with a corn stick
   pan. Honey Butter: 1 cup butter, softened, plus 2 tb
   Eggbeaters, 1 1/4 cups honey -- beat with an electric
   mixer 10 minutes.  Should be refrigerated. Do not use
   a raw egg yolk in in this as specified in the original
   recipe, for the sake of food safety; Eggbeaters have
   been pasteurized. Tiny cornsticks with salsa are one
   of the latest things to serve as an appetizer; you
   could package the mix with a mini-cornstick pan
   (Williams Sonoma and elsewhere) and a jar of salsa.
   PANCAKE HEAVEN:  Pancake Mix plus jars of fancy
   fruit-flavored syrups, on a griddle.
   CAMPER'S/HIKER'S SPECIAL:  Homemade granola in a mess
   kit or other useful outdoor container.
   ITALIAN NIGHT SPECIAL:  A tall jar or wide-mouth
   bottle filled with spaghetti, plus Spaghetti Sauce
   Seasoning Mix, Creamy Parmesan Salad Dressing Mix,
   some biscotti and a bottle of Chianti.
   TACO FEED:  A package or two of taco shells plus
   packages of Taco Seasoning Mix
   SEASONINGS GALORE:  A spice rack or basket filled with
   small bottles of homemade seasoning mixes.  To make a
   wall hanging, put seasoning mixes in foil packets or
   tiny zip-loc bags (available at bead shops), and wrap
   each one in a circle of calico print fabric (cut with
   pinking shears). Tie each packet with yarn and attach
   to a strip of braided yarn and hang from a wooden ring.
   “SALAD DAYS” -- A pretty salad dressing cruet with
   several packages of salad dresing mixes.
   And so on....it’s easy to come up with more ideas if
   you look through your mix recipes and think of items
   with go with them, either when they're cooked or
   served or consumed.
   Enjoy, and don't forget to make one for me!!
   Inspired by _Make-A-Mix Cookery_ by Eliason, Harward
   and Westover, 1978, adapted by Linda Shogren
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