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       Title: Baking Powder, Making our Own
  Categories: Mix
       Yield: 1 Servings
            Cook’s Illustrated 5/6/93
       1 ts Baking soda -- (an
       2 ts Cream of tartar -- (an
            For each tablespoon of
            Baking powder called for
   Unlike baking soda, which keeps forever, baking powder begins to react and
   lose its potency the instant you open the can and expose the contents to
   humidity in the air. For maximum leavening power, I recommend buying baking
   powder in the smallest can available, dating the can when opened, and
   discarding the contents after three months. The alternative, uncommon but
   hardly daunting, is to make your own baking powder. Simply combine one
   teaspoon of baking soda (an alkaline) and two teaspoons of cream of tartar
   (an acid) for each tablespoon of baking powder called for. This
   substitution works very well for biscuits.
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