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       Title: Sandwich Ideas
  Categories: Kids
    Servings:  6
       2    Parts low-fat plain yogurt
            -with one part mayonnaise.
   Peanut Butter and _____ Sandwiches
   Peanut butter combines well with: honey sliced bananas grated carrots
   raisins applesauce bacon bits cream cheese jam/jelly toasted wheat germ cut
   up dates or any combination of the above
   Tuna Fish and Mayonnaise combine with: pickle relish sliced cucumbers
   sunflower seeds                 sprouts sliced avocado grated carrot
   chopped celery                  sliced egg
   Note: Mayonnaise in a sandwich does not hold up well without refrigeration,
   and could cause poisoning. It turns rancid upon prolonged exposure to heat.
   Avoid using it for summer camp lunches, or if your child’s lunch will be
   sitting on a radiator in school all morning. Mayonnaise usually does not
   freeze well. If the amount you are using in your sandwich is small,
   however, you should have no trouble keeping sandwiches mixed with
   mayonnaise in the freezer. This also holds true for egg salad that is well
   Hint: Reduce the fat content of added mayonnaise by combining
   Cream Cheese Combines well with: bacon bits crushed pineapple chpped nuts
   luncheon meats peanut butter sliced egg sliced cucumber marmalade or jam
   raisins, whole or ground
   Hint: one enrichment technique is to mix a tablespoon of powdered milk into
   an 8-oz bar of cream cheese.