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       Title: Whipped Cream Graham Cake
  Categories: Kids, Snacks
    Servings:  6
       1 pt (2 cups) heavy cream
       2 tb Honey or sugar
      32    Squares (16 rectangles) of
            -graham crackers
   Beat cream with sweetener until stiff. Spread whipped cream heavily on one
   square and place it on a platter. Spread cream heavily on a second square
   and place it on top of the first. Continue until there is a stack of 4
   squares. Press down gently on the top square so the cream squeezes out of
   the sides. Spread the excess along the sides. Repeat the procedure until
   there are eight stacks. Slide them together till sides touch to form a
   rectangular cake of 2 squares by 4 squares. Use extra whipped cream to
   smooth over all the tops. Refrigerate. Allowing it to chill several hours
   before serving enables the crackers to soften. A dash of sprinkles over the
   top adds a party flavor with adding much additional sugar.
   Hint: Use a pressurized can of whipped cream if you don't have the time or
   inclination to whip the cream.