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 In a recent Lands' End catalog they printed recipes for bubble mix, gloop,
 sidewalk chalk, finger paint and face paint.  I am passing them on to you.
 Mega-Bubble Mix
 You will have a lot of fun with this amazing fluid, which makes the
 BIGGEST bubbles you've ever seen!
 1 cup grease-cutting dishwashing liquid
 10 cups water
 3 tbsp glycerine (available at pharmacies)
 1.  Mix all ingredients (stir, don't shake) in a large bucket.
 2.  Collect an assortment of bubble wands including colanders, spatulas,
     even hangers - anything with holes in it that can withstand being
     dunked in water.
 3.  Head outdoors and bombard the neighborhood with bubbles!
 Sidewalk chalk
 Use this colorful chalk to draw a hopscotch game, a tricky maze or
 super-sized work of art.
 3/4 cup warm water
 2 to 3 tablespoons washable tempera paint (powdered or liquid tempera work
 equally well)
 1 1/2 cups plaster of Paris
 Large plastic mixing containers (we used recycled margarine tubs)
 Toilet tissue tubes (or gift wrap tubes) cut in short sections
 Duct tape or masking tape
 1.  Prepare your chalk molds by covering one end of each tissue tube with
     duct tape or masking tape.  Set aside.
 2.  Pour the warm water into your mixing container, then sprinle the
     plastic powder into the water a bit at a time until it no longer
     dissolves (about 1 1/2 cups).  Stir thoroughly - until the mixture is
     as thick as pudding.
 3.  Add tempera paint to the plaster mixture and stir until blended.
 4.  Pour the colored plaster into the tissue tubes.  Gently tap the side
     of each tube to get rid of air bubbles.
 5.  Let dry for one to two days, peel off the mold and chalk up a master-
 If the weather’s nice, take your paint and paper outdoors where it won't
 matter if you're messy.
 1/2 cup cornstarch
 1 cup cold water
 1 envelope unflavored gelatin
 2 cups hot water
 1/2 cup soap flakes or detergent
 Liquid food coloring
 1.  In a small bowl or measuring cup, mix the gelatin with 1/4 cup cold
     water.  Set aside to soak.
 2.  Put the cornstarch and 3/4 cup cold water in a small saucepan and stir
     until dissolved.  Add the hot water and cook over medium heat (with
     parental help) - stirring non-stop - until the mixture begins to boil
     and looks clear.  Remove from heat.
 3.  Blend in the softened gelatin.  Then add the soap flakes and stir until
     the paint is free of lumps.
 4.  Set aside to cool.  Then divide into five jars or cups.  Add food
     coloring drop by drop until you get a color you like.  Put on an old
     shirt or smock to protect your clothes from becoming a canvas!
 Adventurous kids will love the texture of this wonderfully slimy substance.
 8 ounces white craft glue
 1 cup water
 Poster or tempera paint in a nice slimy color (mix colors for a truly icky
 1 cup warm water
 1 1/2 teaspoons borax powder (available at supermarkets, in the laundry soap
 1.  Pour the glue into a large bowl.  Add 1 cup water and stir until the glue
     and water blend.  Add a few drops of paint, and stir some more until
 it’s mixed well.  Set aside.
 2.  In a small bowl or a measuring cup, stir together the warm water and
     borax powder until the powder dissolves.  Slowly pour the borax and water
     into the glue mixture, stirring constantly for two minutes.
 3.  Now comes the fun part:  Knead the sticky gloop with your hands until
     it’s smooth and stretchy.  When you're done playing with it, store
     gloop in an airtight container.
 Face paint
 A sure hit at birthday parties and neighborhood get-togethers
 2 teaspoons shortening
 2 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
 1 teaspoon white flour
 3 to 4 drops glycerin (available at pharmacies)
 Food coloring
 cold cream
 cotton swabs
 1.  Thoroughly mix the shortening, cornstarch and flour until it forms a
 2.  Add the glycerin and stir again until the mixture becomes smooth and
 3.  Add food coloring a drop at a time until you get the color you like.
 4.  For easy paint removal later, smooth a dab of cold cream on the child’s
 face before painting.  Use cotton swabs to create simple designs such
     as a sun, heart, football, daisy or thers.  Home made face paint washes
     off with soap and water.
 Parents' note:  All of the above projects are NON-EDIBLE.  Supervise children
     so they aren't tempted to taste their concoctions.
 Cortland, NY
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