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       Title: GLUBBER
  Categories: Misc, Kids
       Yield: 1 Recipe
 ---------------------LISA CRAWLEY/TSPN---------------------
       1    Yogurt Cup
     1/4    Measuring Cup
       1 tb Borax
     1/4 c  Elmer’s Glue
       1    Ziploc Bag
     1/4 c  Water
   1. Measure the water and pour into the yogurt cup. 2.
   Add the Borax and stir for two minutes. Not all of the
   crystal will dissolve. 3. Measure the glue and pour
   into the Ziploc bag. 4. Pour in the liquid from the
   cup. Do not pour the crystals on the bottom of the
   cup. 5. Seal the bag and squeeze gently for four
   minutes. What Happened? 6. Open the bag, hold it in
   the sink and let tap water run into the bag while you
   count very slowly to ten. 7. Remove the rinse glubber
   and hold it over the sink to let any remaining liquid
   drain off. *TESTS: A. Shape into a ball. Drop it. B.
   Let the ball sit. Look at its shape. C. Try pulling
   some glubber slowly between your two hands.  Let go
   quickly. D. Pull hard and fast. E. Think of your own
   tests. SOURCE: Martelle Christian Church Cookbook/Iowa