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       Title: CANDY CLAY #1
  Categories: Kids, Crafts, Play dough
       Yield: 1 Batch
       1 ea Egg white
       2 tb Liquid glucose
       4 c  Sifted powdered sugar
     SOURCE:  Posted on Delphi- Cust 229 by Lynne Sammon
   on July 26, 1995. MM format by Ursula R. Taylor.
     Place egg white and glucose in a bowl.  Add the
   powdered sugar and mix together with a wooden spoon.
   Knead with the fingers until the mixture forms a ball,
   then knead on a surface dusted with powdered sugar
   until smooth and free from cracks.  Wrap in plastic
   wrap, and place into a plastic bag, then place into a
   air-tight container. Will keep up to 3 months.  If it
   is hard after a long period of storage, pick off very
   hard edges, then knead small amounts at a time until
   you have the amount you wish to use.