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       Title: BUBBLE MAGIC
  Categories: Crafts, Kids
       Yield: 1 Batch
            -Teri Schlotman JSSV37A
   The is a cute idea for one or several kids.  Using a
   large bucket as a Cauldron, fill it with water and add
   dishwashing detergent.(This is the magic potion).  Now
   you tell one child to be the “Wand Wizard”. This child
   picks up his magic wand (actually a straw) and begins
   to blow into the mixture.  Next, you tell the color
   wizard, to begin dropping drops of food coloring over
   top the bubbles. Next, the paper wizard takes a piece
   of paper and gently lays it over the bubbles tapping
   gently. The magic works! The paper is covered with a
   color array of bubble prints. What is nice is that ALL
   age groups love this and the results are different
   everytime you do it.  Kids can take turns being
   different wizards each time.
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