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       Title: Glossary for Computer Lover’s Recipes #3
  Categories: Info, Glossary
       Yield: 1 servings
   68. MODEM: Top with ice cream
   69. MONITOR: Oven window
   70. MONO: One-burner stove
   71. MOTHERBOARD: Mom’s tired of cooking
   72. NANOSECOND: Time it takes to eat DOS-Serts
   73. NERD: Someone who understands this whole glossary
   74. NETWORK: I slice, you dice
   75. NORTON: Maybe he'll fix these recipes for you
   76. PARAMETERS: Kitchen doors
   77. PARSE: Nickname for parsley
   78. PASSWORD: “Dinnertime”
   79. PATH: Worn-out place leading to refrigerator
   80. POSTCRIPT: Dessert
   81. RAM: Overeat
   82. ROM: Overeat in England
   83. SCANNER: Guest deciding whether to eat
   84. SCROLL: Recite list of ingredients
   85. SELECT: Choose edible portion
   86. SERIAL: What you eat when you burn dinner
   87. SHAREWARE: Mom’s crock pot
   88. SHIFT: “Cap” cake with icing
   89. SORT: Pick the burnt ones out
   90. SPREADSHEET: Use under really messy cooks
   91. TAB: Drink after “Pie A La Modem”
   92. TECH SUPPORT: Hello, Mom?
   93. TOGGLE: Switch recipes
   94. TURBO: High setting on microwave
   95. VGA: Add food coloring
   96. ZOOM: I can see it on the table now
   *From “Quick Bytes: Computer Lover’s Cookbook” by Diane Pfeifer*
   ~Typed for you by Michelle Bruce