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       Title: Glossary for Computer Lover’s Recipes #2
  Categories: Info, Glossary
       Yield: 1 servings
   35. ENTER: Put in oven
   36. ESCAPE: Order out
   37. EXPANSION: Too much yeast
   38. EXPORT: Take leftovers to the neighbors
   39. EXTRACT: Usually vanilla
   40. F.A.T.: See “Access denied”
   41. FASTOPEN: Do to oven when you overbake
   42. FLOPPY: Bake longer next time
   43. FOLDER: Blender
   44. FRAGMENT: What’s left of brownies
   45. FREEZE: Do when you accidently quadruple the recipe
   46. GIGA-BYTE: Enough for an army
   47. GOTO: As in “Goto restaurant when recipe bombs”
   48. HELP: Julia Child
   49. HIGH DENSITY: Forgot to fold in the eggs
   50. HIGHLIGHT: Top with white icing
   51. ICON: I con cook anything better than you con
   52. IMPORT: Borrow a cup of sugar
   53. INTERFACE: Where a lady puts her dinner
   54. LAPTOP: Eat only the icing
   55. LOADHIGH: Put in freezer
   56. LOG ON: Cook in fireplace
   57. LOGIC: Why somebody else should cook
   58. LOOP: Why somebody else thinks you should cook
   59. LPT1: Put on front burner
   60. MAINFRAME: Oven
   61. MEG: Mc chickens lay 'em
   62. MEGA-BYTE: Slow down!
   63. MEGA-HERTZ: When you forget to use a potholder
   64. MEMORY: Forget it - use a timer
   65. MENU: Surely you're kidding
   66. MERGE: Nickname for margarine
   67. MICROCHIPS: Serve with micro salsa
   *From “Quick Bytes: Computer Lover’s Cookbook” by Diane Pfeifer*
   ~Typed for you by Michelle Bruce