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       Title: Glossary for Computer Lover’s Recipes #1
  Categories: Info, Glossary
       Yield: 1 servings
   1. ACCELERATOR: Microwave
   2. ACCESS DENIED: Diet Time
   3. ALT: As in “alt and pepper to taste”
   4. ASCII: Callii Tech Support
   5. AUTOEXEC.BAT: Cookies in your boss' car
   6. BACKSLASH: Do to piecrust before cooking
   7. BACKUP: Leftovers
   8. BASIC: PBJ Sandwich
   9. BATCH: Mess o'
   10. BINARY: Buy nary, eat nary
   11. BLOCK: Cake baked with no eggs
   12. BOOT: Heat your oven
   13. CACHE: Do when egg is rolling off counter
   14. CAD: Someone who promises to cook, then doesn't
   15. CD: When you don't core apples before baking
   16. CLUSTER: Kitchen advisors
   17. COMMAND: Tell someone else to cook
   18. COMPRESS: Knead
   19. CONFIG.SYS: Have your sister figure it out
   20. COPY: Double recipe
   21. CRASH: Drop main course at big dinner party
   22. CTRL: What you lose after crashing
   23. CURSOR: Who you are after crashing
   24. CUSTOMIZE: Add sprinkles
   25. DATA: Sort-a like-a fig-a
   26. DEBUG: Check the flour before using
   27. DIP-SWITCH: What you do when you're out of salsa
   28. DIRECTORY: De place where de priest lives
   29. DOCUMENT: Small, after-dinner candy
   30. DOS: Dine Or Starve
   31. DOT MATRIX: Dorothy’s mother
   32. DOWNLOAD: Pour batter into pan
   33. DOWNTIME: Time while brownies are baking
   34. DRAG: Time while brownies are baking
   *From “Quick Bytes: Computer Lover’s Cookbook” by Diane Pfeifer*
   ~Typed for you from Michelle Bruce