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                       WHAT YOUR PIZZA SAYS ABOUT YOU
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    1                    Pizza facts
   WONDER what the Domino’s people do when they're not
   rushing pizzas all over creation? They take surveys,
   or they say they do. The company’s mighty public
   relations machine offers these observations:
   Men wearing muscle shirts when answering the door
   order pepperoni three times more often than any other
   People who have pierced noses, lips or eyebrows ask
   for a vegetarian topping 23 percent more often than a
   meat topping. Those who have wind chimes on the porch
   are four times more likely than the average to want
   A recurring element is the correlation between
   pizza-eating and TV-watching. Whatever day and time
   ''Roseanne“ airs is always the biggest half-hour of
   the week for meat-topped pizza orders. Since you
   asked, the No. 1 pizza-ordering show (figured by
   comparing orders during its time slot with weeks when
   the show doesn't air) is ”Melrose Place,“ which is
   also by far the leading show for vegetable-topped
   pizzas. Pizza orders in the ”Melrose Place“ time slot
   have gone up 14 percent since Heather Locklear joined
   the cast.
   There’s more: As you look back on 1994, trying to make
   sense of Newt’s rise and O.J.’s fall, you may want to
   consider these other statistics from Domino’s Since
   the Republicans won the election, meat-topped pizza
   orders have risen 32 percent in the Washington
   metropolitan area. Since Election Day, tipping of
   Domino’s deliverers by Washington women has fallen off
   by 10 percent (except during ”Melrose Place," when it
   climbs by 30 percent).
   Since the election, tipping by House Republicans has
   been down 12 percent; tipping by House Democrats has
   been up 3 percent. Whenever Newt Gingrich appears on
   national television, pizza orders to Democratic
   offices go up 4 percent and go down 2 percent on the
   GOP side.
   And last, but not least The single greatest hour for
   pizza delivery in national pizza history was the hour
   when O. J. Simpson was in the white Ford Bronco on the
   L. A. freeways.
   San Jose Mercury News, Food Section, 1/11/95 shared by
   Dorothy Hair
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