Intuitive Eater
         Trigger--Biological hunger
         Makes food choices without facing any guilt or any ethical
 	dilemmas.  Honors hunger and respects fullness.
 Emotional Unconscious Eater
         Trigger--Uncomfortable emotions
         Stress or uncomfortable feelings trigger eating--especially when alone
 Unconscious Eater
         Trigger--Eating while doing something else
         Often unaware that he or she is eating, or how much is being eaten.
 Many subtypes
 Chaotic Unconscious Eater
         Trigger--Overscheduled life
         Eating style is haphazard.  Person eats whenever food is available.
 Refuse-Not Unconscious Eater
         Trigger--Presence of food
         Especially vulnerable to candy jars and food served at meetings
 Waste-Not Unconscious Eater
         Trigger--Free food
         Susceptible to all-you-can-eat buffets and free food
 Careful Eater
         Trigger--Fitness and health
         Appears to be the perfect eater, yet agonizes over each morsel
 Professional Dieter
         Trigger--Feeling fat
         Perpetually dieting; often tries the latest commercial diet 
 	or diet book
 I have some (hopefully) helpful info to pass on to all of is
 from another list that I am on.  The original poster is Judi (she said
 I could post this on eat-lf) and the info is from the Purdue “health
 letter” named HOPE.