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 by Sandy Gamble <>
 --> In a previous message, Judy Turner <> said ...
 --> I have just been given ALOT of fresh cherries. I don't know what to do
 --> with them. Does anybody have any suggestions about how to fix them?
 --> They have pits in them. Thanks in advance.
 Hi Judy ...
 First off, buy a cherry/olive pitter at your local kitchen gadget store. 
 Pit them and place (in a single layer), on a cookie sheet. Put into the 
 freezer for about 45 min to 1 hour, or until they are individually frozen.=
 Next, put into Zip Lock Freezer-type bags. (Yes, suck the air out of the
 bags before sealing them; helps prevent freezer burn.) That way, you can
 use them any time and be able to measure out whatever you need for any
 My family sure loves being able to have “fresh” Cherry Crunch or Cherry 
 Cobbler in the wintertime!
 By the way, I do the same with fresh peaches!
 Here’s a few of our favorite cherry recipes ... from my personal files.
 Most of them are my own creation, unless otherwise listed.