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 1)I bought a few rubbermaid/tupperware containers for some of the food
 (the OAMC book by Wilson/Lagerborg tell how many containers and what
 sized containers you use for their recipes...gives you a good idea of
 what you need.)
  2)Zip top freezer bags hold most of my food. These are relatively
 inexpensive, if you find them on sale. I sometimes wash them out and
 re-use them....however they deteriorate after a couple of uses. The nice
 thing about ziplocs, is that you can freeze your meals flat and then
 arrange them in the freezer, as if you were storing them like books,
 kind of up on end.... 
 3) For layered casseroles and lasagnes, I spray the 9x13 pan with
 cooking spray, line with foil, assemble the dish, then freeze in the
 pan. When it is frozen solid, it pops easily out of the pan, then wrap
 well with a couple of layers of foil. This way you don't have your pans
 out of commission. On cooking day, I borrow some 9x13’s from family and
 friends so I have plenty on hand. (Sometimes I have a struggle getting
 the foil out of the frozen food...a little hot water helps if it is
  from the Frozen Assets List
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