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                       Vinegar And Your Pots And Pans
 Recipe By     : The Many Uses of Vinegar & Baking Soda!
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 1. To remove mineral buildup from your aluminum pots and pans, fill them with w
 ater and add a few tablespoons of vinegar. Bring this to a boil., then remove f
 rom the stove and rinse with cool water.
 2. To keep your pots free from mineral deposits, add one teaspoon of vinegar to
  the pot each time you use it. The small amount won't affect the taste of what 
 you're cooking but it will keep you from having a buildup problem in the future
 3. To clean the burned-on mess in the bottom of the broiler pan simply mix 2 cu
 ps vinegar with 1/4 cup sugar and add it to the still-hot pan. Let the mixture 
 soak for an hour, then clean as usual.
 4. If you haven't used your favorite iron skillet in a while because it’s cover
 ed with rust, fill the skillet with 1/4 cup each of vinegar and water. Put the 
 skillet on the stove and bring to a boil. Once it’s reached the boiling point, 
 turn the heat down and continue to “cook” for another half hour. Pour out the w
 ater and wipe the rust away with a clean cloth or paper towels.
 5. Keep your copper pots looking like new by making a vinegar paste. Mix equal 
 parts flour and slat, then add just enough vinegar to make a thick paste. Use a
  clean cloth to rub the paste onto the copper and let sit for five minutes. Rin
 se with cool water and dry with a clean cloth.
 6. To keep your copper pots shiny between uses, wipe them down with a solution 
 of vinegar and salt.
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