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                     Pumpkins: Select, Store and Puree
 Recipe By     : Mary Nagle at Prevention (Oct/96)
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 Selecting and storing:
 Pass on the jack-o'-lantern variety (too tough and stringy! ); for cooking, alw
 ays choose a sugar pie pumpkin—a smaller, sweeter variety with a finer flesh.
      Select a crack- and soft-spot-free pumpkin with a rounded, dry stem. If th
 e stem is blackened or moist, move on.
      Store in a cool dry place, uncut, for up to 1 month. If cut, wrap tightly 
 and refrigerate up to 1 week.
      Buy canned. It’s an excellent alternative; just as pure, equally nutritiou
 s, and so quick and easy!
      Here’s the simplest way to prepare fresh pumpkin: Rinse, cut in half and s
 coop out seeds and stringy fibers. Place cut sides down in a baking pan with 1/
 4 in. water. Bake at 350F about 45 min. When cool, scoop out soft flesh and dra
 in in a colander. Puree in a food processor, then drain again thoroughly. Use i
 mmediately or freeze up to 9 months in 1 c. containers for later use. (Even sim
 pler, open a can!) 
      Spice up the autumn air; get out your favorite pumpkin recipes, but reduce
  the fat: For pumpkin pie, use evaporated skim milk, not cream, and egg substit
 ute instead of eggs, and buy a low-fat graham-cracker crust; for pumpkin bread,
  replace the oil with half as much prune puree and use egg substitute; or brew 
 a warm, cozy pumpkin soup, using evaporated skim milk, not heavy cream!
     Slather pumpkin puree (canned or fresh) mixed with molasses (to taste) on a
  multigrain, nonfat toasted waffle for a nutritious breakfast, lunch or after-s
 chool snack.-by Mary Nagle with Teresa Yeykal
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